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原发表日期: 2020-03-20


Comfort Prompt of The18th (2020) China Animal Husbandry Expo and the 2020 China International AnimalHusbandry Expo

Goodmorning everyone, I am He Xintian, secretary general of China Animal Agriculture Association.Dueto the outbreak and spread of new corona-virus pneumonia, China and the globaleconomic development has been caused an impact and major losses, especially onthe exhibition industry is very huge.Most of the exhibitions and conferences inthe first half of this year have been canceled or postponed in response to thesudden outbreak of pneumonia.Through investigation and coordination, theorganizing committee of this expo decided to postpone the exhibition toSeptember 4-6(1-3 sign in and exhibition arrangement),after careful consideration and decided to send the postponement notice to therelevant units.It has won the strong support and understanding from all theexhibitors at home and abroad.

Throughthe joint efforts of the government at all levels and all walks of life and allthe people, the epidemic has been effectively controlled.However, the situationabroad is still very complex, which will affect the world economy,international exchanges and other aspects.

The local,all walks of life to return to work as domestic production start-up,enterprises will be a never-ending, work overtime to finish the work of oneyear, all companies are trying to recover losses and delays in the firstquarter of the year, it caused the raw materials, transportation, artificialrising cost of many aspects, such as, may even have to cut corners, shoddy,temporary rise in price, and so on and so forth.Due to the cancellation orpostponement of many exhibitions, the entire exhibition industry chain hassuffered a huge loss. Due to the limited schedule of the exhibition halls andvenues, it is inevitable that the exhibitions will be crowded in the secondhalf of the year, and the same types of themes will be held together.For thisreason, the organizing committee gives the following tips to the exhibitors ofthe expo:

1.Planned the production, publicity and participation of the whole year inadvance;

2.Planned and confirmed the specific details of the exhibition in advance, suchas accommodation, construction, catering, itinerary, budget, publicitymaterials, etc.;

3.Arrange relevant activities and customer invitation during the exhibition inadvance;

4.Foreign exhibitors and foreign trade enterprises, please pay close attention tothe development of the epidemic situation at home and abroad and relevantprotective measures, on the premise of ensuring your own safety, manage to makearrangements for the exhibition in advance, such as: personnel, exhibits, etc.enter the country in advance;Get in touch with domestic agents, trade partnersand customers in advance, do a good job in production and sales connection andreplace the exhibition and other countermeasures;

5.If you have any questions, please contact the organizing committee in advance()

ContactPerson: Stephanie Zhang   TEL:


  Thank you to all the leaders, colleagues andservice organizations from all walks of life who support, understand and helpthe development of CAHE. Let's work together to overcome difficulties andpresent a perfect feast again. We look forward to meeting again in Changsha inSeptember!


China AnimalAgriculture Association

March 15, 2020



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